Acoustic Foam wedges in Kenya

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Acoustic Foam wedges in Kenya

The most popular acoustic type, our foam wedge outperforms and outlasts the competition at affordable pricing. Because our acoustic wedges are machine cut, you can expect it to be nearly identical, side to side. Thanks to the shape, wedge foam provides outstanding sound absorption qualities, professional appearance and minimal installation effort. The shape helps achieve better sound absorption than flatter styles of foam. It is ideal for a range of spaces and applications. Regardless of which color is right for you, all of our acoustic wedge foam is made of high-quality material for a long-lasting solution for your needs.

Acoustic foam are installed to reduce noise pollution by removing echo and background sounds not by blocking but by absorbing.They also enhance quality of sound /speech in a room/studio. They come in 12 pack which covers 1.08M²

  • Great performance at a low cost
  • Smaller panels offer more options for placement and design
  • Class B fire rating
  • Ideal for any audio or acoustic application
  • Includes: 30cm*30cm*50mm


Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Panels 12 pack are made from high premium grade acoustic treatment foam with a higher density of 30Kg/M3 and a contemporary wedge profile that is both effective and looks great on your studio walls. These tiles can be used to treat medium to high frequency reflections, echoes, reverberation and standing wave problems. Sound absorption foam tile,wedge profile.

Please note: Acoustic foam comes in a compressed form, as this allows you to save up to 75% of the shipping cost, since most carrier companies calculate the shipping cost depending on the size of the parcel. Therefore, after the parcel has been unpacked, it takes times a while for the acoustic foam to level, fill with air and take the original shape and view.

Citizen Cooling Solutions id the leading supplier of Acoustic foam wedges in Nairobi, Kenya. Call us today on 0724 381 416 to place your order.

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