Applications of Exfoliated Vermiculite

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Applications of Exfoliated Vermiculite

Exfoliated Vermiculite consists of accordion-like granules, containing microscopic air layers, which gives it its light weight and excellent insulation properties.

Vermiculite is a good sound and heat insulator (inflammable),  suitable for temperatures from below -200° C to +1200° C.

Applications including:

  • Construction industry: expanded vermiculite is applied in the manufacturing of construction materials, insulation and fireproof and as a filler for manufacturing light concrete.Its insulating properties significantly reduce the loss of heat in cold weather and keep the interior cool in hot weather.
  • Industry: Wherever a high or low-temperature insulation of manufacturing processes is necessary, vermiculite is used as a compound of thermal insulation back fills in furnaces and cryogenic chambers.
  • Animal husbandry : In animal husbandry, it is used as an additive to forage (a carrier of vitamins and minerals) as well as a padding for animals.
  • Gardening/ horticulture : It is used as an additive to multi-compound substrates, improves water and air relations, a carrier of positive ions and as a mushroom culture substrate.Medium Grade Vermiculite will improve drainage when added to heavy soils. Fine Grade combined with peat forms excellent seed growing compost. When used with fertilizers, it makes them more efficient, releasing more nutrients and therefore making them more economical.



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