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Acid Resistant Bricks in Nairobi Kenya

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Acid / Alkali / Corrosion Resistant Bricks & Tiles

We offer premium quality acid resistant bricks, tiles and special shapes. These are commonly used in power stations. storage vessels, petrochemical industry, galvanizing plants and similar places where high chemical resistance is required. We also offer customized sizes as per client’s requirements. Our acid bricks comply with ASTM C279 Type-III, ASTM C410 Type H, L, and Indian Standard 4860 – 1980 Class-I for all applications where low absorption and high acid resistance is required.

Acid Resistant Bricks (IS 4860)
CharacteristicSpecificationsTest Standard
Water Absorption (%) max.0.5 – 1IS4860
Flexural Strength (kg/cm2) min.100IS4860
Compressive Strength (kg/cm2)min.700IS4860
Resistance to Acid/ Loss in weight (%) max.0.5 – 1IS4860
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