Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis – is a maintenance tool that provides a picture of both the fluid condition and the internal condition of a component or system without disassembly. During operation, oil lubricated parts work and wear. Internal microscopic particles are captured by the oil as it cycles throughout the system. Fluid analysis can be sub-divided into:

Fuel Analysis / Polishing:

Our Fuel analysis helps determine if there is fuel deterioration, bacteria, fungus, rust, sludge or water accumulation on the bottom of the tank.

Oil Analysis:

Our Oil Analysis is a quick way to analyze the health of the engine. When we conduct an oil analysis we look at the thickness of the oil, see if there are any abrasive solids present, levels of metals, additives and temperature. Each one of these gives us a great thorough insight of the condition of your engine and helps us determine what next steps we can take to protect the equipment functioning properly

Coolant Analysis:

Our Coolant Analysis helps increase the life expectancy of your engine coolant and remove problems that would occur from being contaminated. By periodically getting your engine coolant analyzed you prevent any form of contamination being spread throughout your engine, transmission and hydraulic system.

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