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FONDU Cement in Nairobi Kenya

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CIMENT FONDU® is a calcium aluminate-based hydraulic binder, in contrast to Portland cements, which contain calcium silicates. CIMENT FONDU® is the pioneer of alumina cements. All calcium aluminate cements possess the general properties of good refractoriness and high early strength when used alone as the principal hydraulic binder. The latter property is often used in combination with other minerals such as calcium sulfate and/or Portland cement to produce high early strengths and/or shrinkage compensation through the formation of ettringite.

Composed mainly of calcium aluminates, CIMENT FONDU® can be used as the primary binder or in combination with other reactive minerals. These combinations comprise the binder in many construction products such as self-leveling floor products, fast setting patch materials, non-shrink grouts and tile installation products.

CIMENT FONDU® additions to Portland cement will accelerate the initial set from hours to minutes depending on the type and mill of manufactured Portland cement.CIMENT FONDU® is a refractory cement that can be used as the primary binder in mortars and concretes exposed to high temperatures. Due to a significant iron oxide content, CIMENT FONDU® should not be used in applications where reducing atmospheres are present.

CIMENT FONDU® is recommended for applications requiring rapid hardening properties, resistance to abrasion and mechanical shock, resistance to chemical attack and exposure to intermediate temperatures.Calcium aluminate cements do not release Calcium Hydroxide as a hydration product when used as the sole hydraulic compound in a formulation. This imparts good refractoriness, chemical resistance and eliminates the major cause of efflorescence. As a binder, CIMENT FONDU® reacts with most organic and mineral additives to achieve exceptional flow with high early compressive strength.

CIMENT FONDU® is a very dark gray color. Colorimetry data is available on request.CIMENT FONDU® does not contain any additives. CIMENT FONDU® does not contain crystalline silica. Added to regular cement, CIMENT FONDU® makes it possible to accelerate the hardening of concretes and mortars, for quicker return to operations on small projects (sealing masonry or plumbing elements, etc.).

Mixed with aggregates as a single binder, CIMENT FONDU® concrete is highly resistant to impacts, variations in temperature and various types of corrosion.


Hydraulic binder obtained by cooking a mix of limestone and clay, followed by milling.

Product advantages:

  • Accelerated 3- to 30-minute setting
  • Quick resumption of activity: operations resume 6 hours after pouring
  • Use in cold temperatures: down to -10°C
  • Resistance to temperature: from 450°C to 1250°C, depending on the aggregates used
  • Resistance to corrosion (pH ≥ 4)

Possible applications:

Reveals, edges, sealing hinges, fences, lintels, shop floors, industrial floors, barbecues fire drill areas, ovens, incinerator walls, sewage and wastewater systems, seaside projects, agricultural buildings, agri-food industries, etc…

Use and Advice

CIMENT FONDU® can be used alone or mixed. It is a setting accelerator for Portland cements or cement for concrete in intense conditions.


CIMENT FONDU® is used in a wide range of applications:

  • as a reagent in formulated products
  • as a hydraulic binder base for refractory and specialty concrete
  • as an accelerator for Portland cements.

When it is used on its own or as a hydraulic binder base for specialty concretes, CIMENT FONDU® can produces a number of specific properties:

  • quick setting
  • excellent resistance to heat, thermal cycles and abrasion.

When CIMENT FONDU® is used in combination with specialty aggregates, such as ALAG® synthetic aggregates, superior performance can be achieved.

Unlike Portland cement, CIMENT FONDU® does not release lime during hydration. This property gives it good chemical resistance to acid corrosion and to a large number of aggressive substances.

The flow characteristics of CIMENT FONDU® are suited to all types of application processes, in particular casting and spraying.

Numerous applications in the civil engineering sector include:

  • industrial floors
  • replacement of road slabs
  • unloading and transfer bays
  • dam spillways, channels, etc.

In refractory applications, CIMENT FONDU® is primarily used in concrete insulation. When used in combination with suitable aggregates, it can be used at temperatures of up to 1,250° C.

In formulated products used in building chemistry, CIMENT FONDU® is used as a reagent or as the main binder for a vast array of products, including fast-setting mortar, tile adhesive, self-levelling products, etc.

CIMENT FONDU® is also used by tradesmen as an accelerator for Portland cement in rapid-sealing work and minor repairs. Mixtures of CIMENT FONDU® and Portland cement must not be used for structural purposes.


CIMENT FONDU® produced and distributed in North America adheres to the following specifications:

Chemical constituents (% by XRF chemistry)
  • Blaine fineness: 3600-4400 cm2/g (ASTM C204)

Physical Properties (using EN-196 sand mortar)

  • Flow at 15 min:  30% (ASTM C1437)
  • Vicat Initial Set: 120
  • Vicat Final Set: 240 min

Modified ASTM C191 – Needle weight is 1000g, needle diameter is 1.16 mm, samples immersed in water.

  • Compressive strength (ASTM C349) 6 hr  2900 psi (20.0 MPa) 24 hr  4900 psi (33.8 MPa)


Bulk density: 1.16 – 1.37 g/cm3 (72.4 – 85.5 lb/ft3)

Specific gravity: approx. 3.24

Residue at 90 microns (+170 mesh): < 8%

Pyrometric cone equivalent – ASTM C24 on neat cement paste: 8-9 (≈ 2320° F or 1271° C)

Heat of hydration

6h        340 kJ/kg

24h      445 kJ/kg

5d        445 kJ/kg

Minor constituents (% by XRF Chemistry)
< 4.0< 1.5< 0.4< 0.4


CIMENT FONDU® packaging is designed to protect it from humidity. However, as with all hydraulic binders, it is recommended that CIMENT FONDU® not be placed outdoors or in direct contact with the ground. When correctly stored in dry conditions, the properties of CIMENT FONDU® will remain within specification limit for at least 6 months. In most cases, its properties will be retained for over a year.

Note: Data are average results of test conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Results should not be used for specification purposes.

The information, recommendations and opinions set forth herein are offered solely for your consideration, inquiry and verification, and are not, in part or total, to be construed as constituting a warrant or representation for which we assume legal responsibility. Nothing contained herein is to be interpreted as authorization to practice patented invention without a license.

A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

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