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High Voltage Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat (Electromat) in Nairobi Kenya

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Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited is a wholesale supplier of different sizes and thicknesses of High Voltage Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats (Electromats).

We have different type of electrical insulating for electrical purpose like as IS Marked IS:15652:2006 Insulating Mat, IES/BS EN 61111:2009 insulating rubber matting, IS:5424 Convential type electrical rubber mat, ASTM-D-178 Insulation mat, BS-921 Insulating Mat and AS-NZS-2978:1995 insulating Mats. It used in various application of electrical safety from Electrical shock. Electrical insulating mat used in front of High Voltage electrical panel, transformer, switchboards and electrical room. Insulating mats help to protect our worker and people from eclectic shock at high voltage of electrical areas.

Insulating mat is an important industrial material and highly used for safety and security purpose in small and large scale business sector. Electrical Insulating Mat for electrical purpose has different used in various applications like as power plants, high voltage panels, substation, HT and LT Labs and power transmission room.

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