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Thermal Insulation Self Adhesive Tapes in Nairobi Kenya

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Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited is a wholesale distributor of thermal insulation self-adhesive tapes used for ducting and other thermal applications.

Reinforced foil tapes SR 505 & 750 are made of Aluminum foil, Polyethylene Mesh, coated with transparent high performance solvent acrylic adhesive and lined with white single silicon release paper.

The reinforced aluminum tape is a part of market leading range of the insulating foil products, vapor control. The product is most suitable for sealing off the air conditions and the warm/cool air flow ducting providing a vapor proof barrier. It is even quick for the repairs to down pipes, gutters, for sealing the edges of the insulated glasses, ducting and the other services.

The Aluminum Foil Insulation Tape has superior resistance for moisture and is the most recommended product for use in the high humidity conditions. It can even be used as a vapor seal for the reinforced aluminum faced fiberglass or the mineral wool thermal insulation.

Features and Uses of Aluminum Thermal Insulation Self Adhesive Ducting Tapes

1. Aluminum foil/polyethylene mesh substrate provides excellent heat reflection and light reflection properties.

2. Good aging resistance and excellent water vapor tightness

3. Transparent high-performance solvent acrylic adhesive, which has excellent adhesion to many substrates. It is suitable for the bonding of joints and interfaces of all aluminum foil Composites and the water vapor sealing of various areas such as:

  • Steam Pipe Lagging
  • Thermal Insulation (Hot & Chilled Water)
  • HVAC Duct Insulation / Wrap
  • Air Conditioning Unit Lines
  • Sisalation / Sarking
  • PU Foam Board / PU Ceiling Board Insulation
  • Insulation Cotton Sheets
  • Various Enclosures
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