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Generators Repair and Maintenance

Generator repair, service and maintenance
Generator Spare Parts
Generator Overhaul & Refurbishment
Common Generator Problems
Generator Maintenance / Standard Checks
Load Bank Testing
Vibration Analysis
Fluid Analysis
Checking Control Panel

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Actros Radiator and Intercooler - Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited

Radiator Repair, Service & Maintenance

Have you ever had a cold or the flu with a sudden fever spike, causing your temperature to rise? It’s not fun to feel that way, is it? Being sick and overheated causes a person to be tired, and their performance drops significantly. Now imagine this same situation happening to your automotive engine; be it your car or generator. When your radiator is not working properly, it is like giving your engine a fever. This not only harms performance, but also can cause major damage.

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Generator Spare parts

Are you tired of sourcing for generator spare parts? Worry no more because Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited can supply, install/fix generator spare parts for almost all generators and engines in operation today. Our extensive supply chain ensures that we make available all parts within the shortest timeframe possible ensuring that our customers can maximize their generator set availability keeping you powered up at all times!

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"Summary of our main line of business"

Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited is a privately owned company situated in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are an engineering company that deals in the following main lines of business:

1. Supply of High Temperature Refractory Materials.

Our Refractory Materials Product list ranges from Refractory Castable Cement, Refractory Fire Bricks, Insulating Bricks, Insulating Cement, Refractory Mortar, Binder Cement, Fondu Cement, Chrome Magnesite Bricks, Chrome Magnesite Cement, Silicon Manganese 60/14, Tapper Bricks of all shapes, Hearth Blocks, Acid Resistant Bricks/Tiles, Acid Resistant Cement & Mortar, All Consumables for Continuous Casting Machine (metallurgy)

2. Supply and Installation of Thermal Insulation Materials.

We supply all types of insulation materials within the Kenyan Market and across the borders ranging from Ceramic Fiber Products, Rockwool (Mineral Wool) Blankets, Fiber Glasswool Blankets, Polyethelane (P.E.) Foam, Styrofoam and Armaflex Products.

We also do Insulation and lagging on both cold & hot applications for steam, cold rooms and power industry with major specialization on boilers, steam pipes among other steam equipment.

3. Supply and Installation of  Acoustic (Sound) Insulation Materials.

We stock a wide variety of sound (Acoustic) Insulation Materials ranging from Acoustic Foam (Auralex Studiofoam Wedges), Mineral Wool, Rockwool, Fiberglass wool, Acoustic Cloth/Fabric, Acoustic Panels/Boards, Floor Underlayment, Acoustic Curtains among many others.

4. Generator Servicing, Repair and Sale of Generator Spareparts.

We service and repair all types of petrol and diesel generators starting from 1.5kva to 3100kva. We also service Industrial Boilers, Driers, Burners, Air Compressors, Valves, Steam traps and all other equipment related to Steam & Compressed Air Generation.

5. Supply, Repair and Servicing of all types of Radiators.

Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited has grown to widen its focus to Assembly, Servicing & Repair of all types of Radiators, Oil Coolers, and Air Conditioners among many others.

6. Supply of refrigeration freon gases, Refrigeration Copper Tubes and Fitting.

7. Supply of Aluminium Sheets, Stainless Steel Sheets and Galvanised Iron (G.I.) Sheets of all grades and thicknesses.

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