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Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited is one of the leading direct importer and distributor of high quality electrical insulation rubber mats (electromats) in Nairobi Kenya.

Our rolls comes in the below specifications: 

Dimensions: 10Mx1Mx4.8mm.


Working Voltage: 7500volts

Maximum Withstand: 20,000volts

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Electricity is essential for modern life in Nairobi Kenya, and with the rising popularity of technological gadgets, the demand for electricity and electrical safety protection is growing. As the number of people using electrical appliances increases, the need for proper insulation from electric shock is also on the rise. Electrical insulation rubber mats are becoming increasingly important in Nairobi Kenya, as they provide a range of advantages that makes them a very useful tool in the electrical safety toolkit.

What are Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats?

Electrical insulation rubber mats are made of rubber materials, and serve as a barrier against electric shocks. These are integral in preventing damage by absorbing electrical current and dissipating any potential for electric shock to occur. They are usually constructed from several layers of rubber and foam, to provide extra insulation and protection against electricity or sparks. They can either be self–extinguishing or flame retardant, depending on the purpose of the mat.

Benefits of Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats

There are a variety of benefits that electrical insulation rubber mats provide. First, they provide an effective barrier against electric shock, limiting the severity of the shock and preventing any damage. Additionally, their high durability prevents any wear and tear that can be caused by repeated use. The insulation rubber mats are also resistant to most types of chemicals, thus making them suitable for use in a variety of industries. Furthermore, the rubber prevents any electrical sparks, as well as any overheating of the electricity source. This makes electrical insulation rubber mats a great piece of technology for ensuring electrical safety in both commercial and residential areas.

The Use of Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats in Nairobi Kenya

The use of electrical insulation rubber mats in Burundi is becoming increasingly popular, as the country has seen a huge increase in the demand for safety measures for electricity in light of the growth in modern technology. Electrical insulation rubber mats can be found in all kinds of establishments, from factories, businesses and schools to homes. The mat is also making its way into the construction sector, where it is providing insulation and protection from electric shock in areas that are highly prone to accidents. In addition, electrical insulation rubber mats are also gaining traction in the medical field, as medical equipment requires extra insulation to prevent electric shock and other damages.


In conclusion, electrical insulation rubber mats are becoming an increasingly integral safety tool in Nairobi Kenya. Their range of advantages makes them a worthwhile investment, as they provide an effective barrier against electric shock and other damages. It is important that proper procedures are followed in order to ensure maximum protection of the electrical insulation rubber mats. The mat is being used in a variety of sectors, and its popularity is only growing. As the demand for electrical safety in Nairobi Kenya grows, the importance of electrical insulation rubber mat becomes even more apparent.

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