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Vermiculite is a naturally-occurring mineral composed of shiny flakes resembling Mica. We produce it in different grades or sizes. When heated to high temperature, vermiculite flakes expand 8-30 times their original size (a process called exfoliation) and loses weight. We use exfoliated vermiculite in different markets namely horticultural, agricultural, construction and industry. Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited  are the largest producers and distributers of Agricultural Vermiculite in Kenya +254 724 381 416

Agricultural Vermiculite in Kenya +254 724 381 416 is a light, versatile and safe mineral used in the horticultural, animal feed, insulation, packing, fireproofing and many other industries. Due to its inert properties it allows usage across a wide range of global sectors.

high quality vermiculite-in-kenya
high quality vermiculite in Kenya


Exfoliated vermiculite is an excellent germination and potting medium for gardening and horticulture, it can also be mixed with other mediums. Exfoliated Vermiculite is sterile and therefore needs to have nutrients added to the growing mixture.  Further, we use Exfoliated Vermiculite in potting mixes in horticulture and gardening for the following reasons:

  • Vermiculite improves soil aeration.
  • Agricultural vermiculite increases soil moisture retention.
  • vermiculite holds onto essential nutrients and minimizes fertilizer leaching.
  •  It has a near neutral PH.
  •  Exfoliated vermiculite is inorganic and sterile.
  •  It is much lighter in weight compared to other mediums.
crops grow in vermiculited soil
Vermiculite in farming
Tomatoes growing healthy in vermiculite
Healthy Tomatoes grown using vermiculite.

ADVANTAGES OF USING EXFOLIATED Agricultural Vermiculite in Kenya +254 724 381 416

  • It promotes early germination and improves yields.
  • Plants survive longer in seasons of dry spells due to increased moisture retention.
  •  For crops under irrigation it means less water is required per hectare, thereby saving on energy costs, machine wear and tear and labor costs.
  •  Improves oxygen supply to roots.
  •  Excellent cation exchange properties results high nutrient retention.
  •  Excellent for pest and disease control.
vermiculite in kenya
Vermiculite in Kenya
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