Boiler insulation Materials in Nairobi,Kenya

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Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited provides high quality Rockwool and ceramic Thermal Insulation Materials  to our clients for boiler insulation. The products can withstand high temperatures and thus best for use in boiler insulation. Extensively used as a part in plant and building construction, our Rock wool and Ceramic blanket are effective in saving energy and, consequently, money.

Boiler Insulation is higher temperature thermal insulation made from ceramic or mineral wool insulation fibers. These industrial insulation materials come in both rolls or boards and are pinned or strapped onto the boiler casing or exhaust breeching. Ceramic Blanket insulation comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and can be layered to stagger joints to prevent heat loss. High temperature insulating cements can be used as furnace insulation or applied in gaps and other hard to insulate areas. Cotton Canvas and mastic can be wrapped around the fibers to seal the insulation system and prolong the insulation lifespan by making the insulation more durable to mechanical abuse.

Rockwool blanket has a thermal resistance of up to 1000°C and Ceramic blanket has thermal resistance of up to 1260°C.

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