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Calcium Silicate Boards In Nairobi

Calcium silicate board is mainly made of cement, cellulose fiber, sand and water. It is widely used as a substitution for gypsum board and asbestos fiber cement board because of some prominent advantages such as: withstand high operating temperatures, light weight, low thermal conductive, high strength, easy to install, reliable and durable.

Calcium silicate board is used for indoor partition and ceiling because moisture proof and fire proof performances are suitable in the wet area building for both civil and industrial application. It is widely used in office building, hotel, hospital, factory, school, villa, coffee shop and other kinds of building.

Applications of Calcium Silicate Board

  • Light weight

  • Exterior wall cladding

  • Interior (toilet) partition

  • Sound absorption ceiling

  • Curtain wall scale board

  • Composite wall panel

  • Outdoor billboard

  • Thermal baffle

  • Clapboard of switch board and transformer

Advantages of Calcium Silicate Boards:

At the beginning, calcium silicate board is used for ceiling and indoor partition, but later it is widely used for wall facade as it is waterproof, lightweight, has wide dimension and easy to install. It is also the solution for sloping and bending opaque wall surface. That is why it has the advantage compared to brick wall and lightweight concrete. Compared to lightweight concrete, it has the same drywall construction, but at a lower cost.
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