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Citizen Cooling Solutions Limited is the leading direct importer and distributor of high-quality DURATUF INSULATING MATTING IEC 61111:2009 in Nairobi Kenya. Our rolls come in the below specifications: 

Dimensions: 10Mx1M

Surface Design: TOP FINE RIBBED & BOTTOM TEXTURED IEC61111:2009.

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These electrical insulation mats are manufactured as per the IEC 61111:2009 standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission and are highly electrical resistant. These mats protect from mortal shocks generated by high-voltage equipment.

We recommend thickness from 2mm to 4mm (higher thickness also available) depending on use resistance with anti-skid textured on both top and bottom surfaces.

We also have available fine-ribbed designs in 3mm & 5mm thickness. It is leakage, moisture, and waterproof guaranteeing long functional life. It is also fire, oil, and acid-resistant. The manufacturer‘s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

Technical Properties

Both Side Fabric Surface Finish (Standard)
IEC 001 0 2.0 mm 6.0 mm 1.0 KV 5.0 KV 10.0 KV 3.2 Kgs
IEC 002 1 2.0 mm 6.0 mm 7.5 KV 10.0 KV 20.0 KV 3.2 Kgs
IEC 003 2 3.0 mm 8.0 mm 17.0 KV 20.0 KV 30.0 KV 5.0 Kgs
IEC 004 3 4.0 mm 11.0 mm 26.5 KV 30.0 KV 40.0 KV 6.5 Kgs
IEC 005 4 4.5 mm 14.0 mm 36.0 KV 40.0 KV 50.0 KV 7.2 Kgs


0-4 4.5 mm Upto 14.0 mm 1.0-36.0


5.0-40.0 KV 10.0-50.0



Characteristics Values
Material Composition Elastomer free from any insertion. Typically, a combination of natural rubber and other synthetic polymers.
Mechanical Puncture Resistance 70 N (min.)
Slip Resistance 50 N (min.)
Aging Properties at 70+2°C for 168 hours. Mechanical Puncture Resistance not less than 80% of the original value.
Flame Retardance Does not catch fire.
Low-Temperature Test at -25+3°C No visible tear, crack, or break.
Acid Resistance Mechanical Test Values not less than 75% of the original value.
Oil Resistance Mechanical Test Values not less than 75% of the original value.
Working Temperature -25°C to 55°C


Duratuf Insulation Mats has been designed for use as electrical safety floor covering in:

  • Electrical Substations
  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In Front of Switchboards
  • Around Buss Bars
  • Transformer, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • For Outdoor/indoor Onsite Work on Live Equipment


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