Expanded Polystyrene boards in Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda,Uganda

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Expanded Polystyrene boards in Kenya

EPS panel building material

Citizen cooling Solutions is the leading supplier EPS Panels, Expanded Polystyrene boards, in Nairobi, Kenya. This EPS panel are made by the association of two raw materials: galvanized wire and expanded polystyrene (EPS). The technical characteristics of these two elements are therefore exploit to confer to the panels their unique features.

  • Standard panel size of 1200mm*3000mm
  • Thickness of 80mm, 100mm,  and 120mm
  • EPS density >15kg/m3
  • EPS Panel weight is approximately 15kg
  • Load bearing walls (internal or external) when shotcreted
  • Non-load bearing partition walls (internal) when plastered


EPS panels new technology building and partitioning boards are made from formed Expanded Polystyrene blocks (Styrofoam as people call it) cut to desired dimensions and covered on either side with electro-welded high tensile steel wire mesh joined by steel wire connectors through the panel core to form a three dimensional hyper static composite of steel mesh and EPS core.

Our EPS panels have a minimum density of 15kg/m3 with double connectors and transverse steel mesh area of 101mm2/m; making them one of the most rigid and structurally sound panels in the Kenyan market.

EPS Panels (Expanded polystyrene) is a new technology building and partitioning panels in Kenya both for residential and commercial construction. The system results in reduced concrete and steel reinforcement quantities thereby saving costs. EPS is light-weight, resulting in lower labor costs, form work and construction time and, therefore, overall construction cost reduction.

Expanded Polystyrene Board is a lightweight, rigid, closed cell insulation. EPS is available in several compressive strengths to withstand load and back-fill forces. This closed-cell structure provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence.

Advantages of EPS Panels

Some of the advantages of using EPS technology in building residential and commercial houses includes;

  • Resistant: The steel core and the extremely low specific weight of EPS allows for unparalleled results, even during earthquakes of any magnitude.
  • Lightweight: Light and easy to maneuver.
  • Modular: The innovative hooking system makes the structure of the EPS versatile and modular.
  • Fast:  The lightweight of the EPS panels allows for both time and cost saving during transport and during the on-site realization phase.
  • Weather-proof: EPS panel allows thermal comfort beyond compare in any weather condition.
  • Sound-proof: The EPS has by itself a high sound insulation rating, which can be improved by pairing it with specific elements in case of particular needs.The same raw materials can be combined in different fashions in order to obtain very different panels, which can respond to every type on structural and architectural necessity.
  • Resistant to Hurricanes: The construction made with the panels are able to withstand strong winds, making them ideal to be used in areas keen to hurricanes, typhoons and tornado. This characteristic is given by the high level of flexibility of the panels and by the galvanized steel net structure.
  • Earthquake-proof: The low EPS weight and the resistance given by the internal steel cage provide a high grade of resistance to earthquake.
  • Cost effective: The reduced cost of the panels, the fast fitting time and the low number of workforce needed for the on-site installation and finishing of the panels, provide a high saving in terms of costs and time.
  • Long life hence low maintenance.
  • Effective and durable thermal insulation.
  • Air-tightness for controlled environments.
  • Absolute water and vapor barrier.
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