Santreat MZ S 1600 (Viscosity reducer)

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Santreat MZ S 1600 (Viscosity Reducer) in Nairobi Kenya

Santreat MZ S 1600 is a broad-spectrum microbiocide for the effective control of bacteria that cause sucrose losses, formation of troublesome slime and bad odour during the manufacture of cane sugar. Stored, as also warm sugarcane juice is a perfect medium for growth of bacteria, which consume sugar. Bacteria mainly proliferate in the piping and weigh tanks through which the juice passes and become a major cause of loss of sugar yield. Dosage of Santreat MZ S 1600 is recommended in sugarcane juice to minimize this loss.


• Destroys a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi at low concentration

• Prevents inversion of sugar by bacteria.

• Increases purity.

• Controls slime formation and odour.

• Acts against enzymes released by microbes.

• Reduces corrosion of mill equipment.

• Improves clarification and pan boiling.

• Reduces need for frequent cleaning.

• It is highly surface active in nature, quick action.

• Stable at high temperature up to 100°C and pH range from 4 to 10.

• Easy to dose and handle.

• Long shelf life.

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